Can you paint a carbon bike void the warranty?

  • With some brands, yes.

What does voiding the warranty mean?

  • It means that the manufacture does not approve of anybody "modifying" their products.

Do I have a warranty?

  • If you are the registered original owner of the bike, you have a warranty. Most if not all manufactures have this policy.

  • If you are the second owner of the bike, the warranty is VOIDED.

What does the warranty cover anyways?

  • The warranties usually cover paint defects for at least a year or 2, and cracks from defects from 5 years to the life of the bike. Every manufacture is different so I would suggest doing some research.

Will my bike spontaneously start falling apart or be some susceptible to breaking if I was to get it painted?

  • No, As my process does not even get close to the carbon. Which is why some companies allow me to paint their products without voiding anything.

What can you paint without voiding the warranty?

  • Speciazlied

  • Bianchi

  • Quintana Roo

  • 3T bikes and products

  • Pivot

  • Any ENVE Product

 What is the time frame?

  • From the time your frame is next on cue, it could take up to 10 business days.

Do you offer a rush option?

  • We currently have removed that option as it messes with times lines of current projects.

How do I prep my frame?

  • Have your local bike shop strip the bike for you and remove everything.

Do you offer touch up paint?

  • When the bike is done, it is returned to you with a vile of the paint that was used.

So I got my bike back, how do I take care of it?

  • The clear coat used on the bike is same used on automobiles. Use a soft sponge and mild soaps to clean the frame. Avoid getting to much de-greaser on the frame.