sTEP 1


Send me an email to with a photo of your bike along with details of your bike, what you want painted on it, some examples you might have or maybe even a photo that you might have drawn to give me idea and I can provide you with the best estimate.

This is a Sample that a customer drew for me for his frame, and while this is very helpful for me, it is not necessary.

Step 2


This is when we talk about the design and make sure every detail is right, then an estimate is sent your way for approval.

If you want a digital rendering, that will be $20, as they take time to make. Here is an example.




So we figured out your plan, now it's on you to get the bike stripped to its core. Nothing should be on the frame that a professional bike mechanic can take off. That includes Bottom Bracket Bearings, Headset Bearings and Bottle Cages. Unless you have already spoken with me about, it should be bare naked.

Step 4

Getting it to me

If you are in the DFW Area, I can make arrangements to meet up and pick up the bike from you. 

If you are not in the DFW Area, you will need to provide shipping to Zip code 75227 with a return label. I would highly suggest insurance.

A $200 Deposit is required to reserve your position and to start work on your Frame set.

Deposit may be refunded minus a 50% administration fee.

For accessories a full payment is required.